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Online & In person Immersion in Hebrew Language

Whether you have dreamed to speak modern Hebrew or understand the language of the Bible, its time to realize your dream.

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Hebrew Speak: Interactive One-on-One Lessons for Beginner and Advanced Students


Biblical Hebrew

Embark on your journey into Biblical Hebrew by acquiring the basic tools for analyzing the text of the Bible. This course focuses on understanding Hebrew verb forms and constructions, providing you with the ability to read and translate the Book of Exodus without relying on the translations of others. By exploring the text through this lens, you'll discover its meaning and nuance.

Our Biblical Hebrew classes offer a structured, engaging, and comprehensive approach to learning this ancient text. They will help you to delve deep into the text and extract insights that often remain hidden in translated versions. Enroll today and embark on an enriching journey through the sacred scriptures of the Torah.


Conversational Hebrew for Beginners

Master the art of Conversational Hebrew and unlock the ability to confidently communicate in everyday situations. Join our comprehensive language program based in New York and immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience. Through engaging lessons, practical exercises, and interactive conversations, you'll develop essential speaking and listening skills. Whether you're planning to travel, connect with Hebrew-speaking friends and family, or simply broaden your cultural horizons, our program will empower you to engage in meaningful conversations and navigate real-life scenarios. Take the opportunity to learn Hebrew in New York, either in-person or online. Enroll today and embark on a language journey that will transform your ability to communicate in Conversational Hebrew.


Advanced Conversation & Listening Skills

Take your Hebrew learning to the next level with our immersive classes, designed to enhance your language skills in practical and engaging ways. View YouTube videos created by Israelis on a broad array of subjects, from current events and political debates to growing your business, retirement planning, and more. By listening to Israelis speaking in their vernacular, you'll hone your translation skills and learn to incorporate current idioms into your conversational repertoire.

Our approach is perfect for those who have mastered the basics and want to super-charge their conversation skills. We are based in New York but offer flexibility with online courses - so whether you're looking to learn Hebrew in New York or prefer to learn Hebrew online, our dynamic language program caters to your needs. Join us in this challenging yet rewarding journey to fluent and confident Hebrew conversation. Enroll today!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Joel Goldman, and when I made the decision to teach Hebrew, my main goal was to enable students to start speaking the language from day one. I understood that fluency and confidence in Hebrew couldn't be achieved solely through textbooks and traditional teaching methods. That's why I developed an immersive and interactive approach that emphasizes practical conversation skills.

In my classes, I create an environment where students can actively engage with the language, practice their speaking skills, and build their confidence through real-life scenarios. I believe in the power of experiential learning, where students can apply their knowledge in meaningful ways right from the start.

By integrating a variety of interactive activities, discussions, and role-plays, I ensure that my students can actively use the language they learn in class. This enables them to develop their conversational abilities, express themselves effectively, and understand Hebrew in a practical context.

I am passionate about providing an enjoyable and supportive learning experience that fosters rapid progress in spoken Hebrew. Together, we'll embark on an exciting journey of language acquisition where you'll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking Hebrew from the very beginning. Let's break free from traditional teaching methods and embrace the power of immersive language learning together.

Video Testimony 

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"I tried other methods but they just didn't work for me.  With Joel,

I am speaking in full sentences and every week, I continue to make more progress.  He provides so many opportunities to practice and improve - the lesson is completely centered on me speaking Hebrew."

Alex from London 

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